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About Us

WAVE Educational Academy, located at Bharatpur-10, Chitwan, infront of Birendara Campus Chowk, established in 2073, is the foremost institute for the students who are pursuing their career in B.Sc.Ag, B.VSc, B.Sc.fisheries, B.Sc.forestry and

We feel elated to say that WAVE has been set up by the experienced and adept teachers to guide and groom our students in the realm of entrance examination.The main motto of this institute is that quality of education matters and so does the hard work of students. Our team is trying our best to provide the best guidance,best educational materials and help our students genuinely.I believe that my team would leave no stone unturned in our aspire to bring the success in the career of our students. This institute has been well regarded for providing the best results so far. Indeed,the result is progressing year after year.This outcome is the conspicuous coordination of all the faculties members and students themselves.

We sincerely welcome all the entrance aspirants to join us,feel the WAVE environment,find the difference and kiss the success. THANK YOU!

Why Us?

Our Features:

  • The best result in Ag &Vet in past years with scientific teaching method & modern teaching materials.
  • DAcademicalIy sound learning environment with excessive entrance preparation materials.
  • Course highly emphasized on the syllabus of T.U.& A.F.U.
  • A Team of well experienced & qualified professionals, with Pneumonic from competent teaching staffs.
  • Daily test, weekly test, monthly test, mega test , strictly based on T.U. and A.F.U. syllabus.
  • Personal attention and close supervision to each students.
  • Sharpe their career by academic counseling from renowned counselors.
  • Form fill-up of different agriculture colleges [T.U./A.F.U.]
  • Hostel facilities for both boys and girls.

Preparation Classes


कृषि बिज्ञान

B.V.Sc & A.H

पशु बिज्ञान

B.Sc Forestry

वन बिज्ञान

B.Sc Fisheries

मत्स्य बिज्ञान

B.Tech Food

खाद्ध बिज्ञान

Lok Sewa

लोक सेवा

Nursing License


B.Sc. Nursing/B.N

बिएसी नर्सिङ।  बिएन

Bachelor of Engineering




Our Testimonials

Ms. Asmita Chalise

Ms. Asmita Chalise

Everest E.B.S, Butwal(Entrance Topper 2074), Bsc. Ag(A.F.U). B.Tech.Food(T.U), B.Sc.Ag(P.U)
My heart is beating with immense pleasure to say that WAVE EDUCATION ACADEMY is one of the best Entrance Preparation Institute out there. Getting a good rank in A.F.U, T.U and P.U Entrance Exams ca be a long, hard and tiring joourney, but, for those, who are trying, its a not a big brain that matters as much as the big and good guidance, which I got from WAVE.


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  •     Mobile: 985-5081862
  •     Phone: 056-520454
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  • Time: Open Now 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Adress: Chitwan,Bharatpur10,Infront of Birendra Campus